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10 Hacks That Help The Perfume To Last Longer

Well, who doesn’t love to smell great all day? Do you know why your perfume wears off by midday? Even the ones with stronger concentration do not stay all day long? We all want our favourite perfumes (especially the pricey ones) to linger on our skin for long hours.

It is likely that you are not following the best practices to apply fragrance. Here are some super easy hacks to help you get the most out of your perfume.

1. Check the perfume concentration levels

Musky strong or floral sweet scents? Vetiver or citrus green? Perfumes come in different
concentration levels. It means their fragrance oil to alcohol ratio varies.

You must have heard of Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne and Eau de Fraiche.
The name bears the strength and intensity of your scent. For example, EDT has 5 – 15% of
perfume oils while EDP has a stronger 15 – 25% of concentration.

The more distilled the perfume, the longer it stays. Lighter scents evaporate easily. So look for
the right perfume strength for better longevity.

2. Apply right after showering on the skin

If you want your fragrance to last, this is the best hack. Apply your perfume right after the shower
and drying yourself off. It works wonders. Since skin pores are open after a shower, they absorb
quickly and lock the perfume.

Spraying perfume to your bare skin is twice better than spraying it on your clothes. Perfume
lasts when it blends with the natural oils of your body. Applying on clothes is riskier as it may
leave alcohol or perfume oil stains.

3. Apply on the pulse points

The warmth of your body intensifies the fragrance. It is always suggested by the experts to target
the right pulse points when spraying perfume. Veins run closer to the skin near pulse points.
With blood rushing and warmth flowing, fragrance develops better on these parts.

For a long-lasting and stronger scent, consider spritzing the following pulse points of your body:
✓ On your wrists
✓ On the nape of your neck
✓ Behind your knees
✓ The crease of your elbows

Pro-tip: Apply perfume to the top of your ear than behind the earlobe, as it is oilier.

4. Smear some Vaseline

Fragrance tends to linger if applied on oily parts of the skin. It is recommended to prep your skin and pulse points with Vaseline or moisturizer. It works as an additional locking formula for the scent within the skin.

Just make sure if you are using a moisturizer then it must be scent-free so the fragrances don’t mix. Otherwise, Vaseline is your go-to product.

5. Harmonize the fragrance with complimenting products

One of the best ways to maximize your fragrance is to buy the products that are sold alongside it. Many brands come up with complimenting body lotions, shower gels, and other such products. Moisturizing your body with scented lotion will help the fragrance lock on your skin.

Men, you can also get an aftershave of your favorite perfume to rock the senses of those you surround yourself with. Popular brands like Versace, Calvin Klein, and Dior offer a wide range of matching products to compliment the fragrance.

6. Keep a small rollerball bottle for touch up

Wait a minute! Do you know that there is an insanely effective way to carry your signature
perfume with you without carrying the perfume flask?

Ladies, we know you cannot bring along your fragrance bottle for touch-ups in those small cute
clutches. The best alternative is a rollerball bottle which is usually 8 – 10ml and has a sleek
design. You can always refill them and easily carry them with you anywhere, be it a
dinner or a long drive.

7. Don’t rub the wrists

A big “No” to rubbing or dabbing the wrists after you spray them with fragrance. It makes the
scent disappear faster. Rubbing the fragrance breaks down the chemicals causing the top
notes to wear off quicker than they would usually take. Just spritz the perfume on the right
spots and let it be.

8. Scent your wardrobe

This hack is for those who enjoy being known for their signature fragrance. All you need to do is
spritz your perfume on tissue paper and place it in your wardrobe. Allow the fragrance to
diffuse through your clothes and enjoy a subtle scent.

It’s a safe way to add a soft scent to your clothes. We don’t recommend spraying perfume
directly on the fabric. It may leave stains of the fragrance oil or alcohol.

9. Store in the right place

Ideally, you should keep your fragrance in a cool and dark place. Where do we go wrong? Our
perfume bottles usually go on the dresser or become a centerpiece of the bathroom vanity. Direct
sunlight alters the chemical makeup of the scented liquid and damages the quality of the

Likewise, water damage in the form of humidity compromises the quality of perfume to a good
deal. So, instead of storing them in the bathroom, we recommend keeping your perfumes in cool
drawers or dehumidified rooms.

10. Make the most of your favorite perfume

We are obsessed with this super handy hack. Want to make the most of your perfume? Don’t
waste the last drops. Instead, if your bottle no longer sprays, pour it in an unscented lotion or

Voila! You have your own perfume complimenting lotion and that too at a bargain! Use your
lotion before spraying your fragrance and enjoy the olfactive experience.

Let us know about your favorite perfume hacks by commenting below.

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